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Aging & Disability Resource Center

Find your local ADRC to learn about your long-term care options, including IRIS.

First Person Care Consultants

Our consultants will help you complete your enrollment once you are determined to be eligible for the IRIS program and if you have selected us as your IRIS Consultant Agency. Our consultants will work with you to determine what your long-term care needs are and will make sure that you are supported as you are starting out in your self-directed journey in IRIS.

Fiscal Employer Agency

Your will have the opportunity to choose the FEA you want to work with, which is an agency that will help you hire and pay your workers. Your consultant will assist you with filling out required paperwork, getting your workers set up, helping you understand what your responsibilities as the participant will be, and more! They will also provide you with coaching on how to manage your budget and what services, workers, and vendors you can choose.

Individualized Supports & Services

Your IRIS Consultant will help you develop an Individualized Support and Service Plan based on what your long-term care needs are. This plan is tailored to you and is optimized so that your IRIS budget is utilized to its fullest, all so that you can live your best, self-directed life.


The services available to you through First Person Care Consultants can help you achieve and maintain your highest levels of independent living through the IRIS program. Our IRIS consultants understand and support you as you make your own choices about the long-term care services you need. Your IRIS consultant will assist you in the following ways through your journey of self-direction in the IRIS program: 

  • Developing personal self-directed service plans
  • Talking with you about your long-term care choices
  • Completing annual IRIS educations requirements and forms
  • Completing required annual screenings
  • Supporting self-direction for Medicaid-funded support
  • Resolving IRIS program-related issues and conflicts


Definition: Participants have control over all aspects of their lives and exercise basic rights, such as citizenship, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This definition impacts activities beyond the scope of long-term care services.

Principles of self-determination:

  • Freedom to decide how you want to live your life
  • Authority to decide how your specific budget amount will be utilized
  • Utilizing resources in ways that are meaningful to you
  • Responsibility for your use of public dollars


Choice and control

Self-determination means that you have the power to make decisions and be in control of your life. This can include being a boss/employer, having the authority to hire the people you want to provide your supports, and overseeing your own budget.

Dignity, respect, and the right to take risks

You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. You have the right to take risks, make mistakes, and grow from those mistakes.


Relationships are the building blocks of a happy life. You have the right to choose people you want to have in your lives, including friends and family. These people can provide support, guidance, and assistance as you make choices about what is right for you.

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